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Protect Your Home From Nasty Mold

Arrange for mold removal services in Burlington, Willingboro, Moorestown & Cherry Hill, NJ

Mold is a silent but dangerous problem that can threaten any home. When you have water damage but don't get proper remediation, you can end up with mold hidden in walls or in corners. Hire Mold Recovery Plus to keep your property safe in Burlington, Willingboro, Moorestown & Cherry Hill, NJ. We use chlorine dioxide for our mold removal services to prevent mold from returning.

If needed, our mold inspection crew will test samples of your home to look for growth. During this inspection, we'll also investigate the potential damage mold has dealt. You'll receive a number of solutions from us, and we'll go over each one. Once we agree on a plan of attack, we'll get started with your mold removal service right away.

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